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If You're Just Tuning In....

by Jim Bradley 29. January 2010 12:47

Hi, and welcome to OfficeDocsPro.  Our studio has spent years building jaw-dropping presentations for some of the most recognizable brands on the planet.  We’re also pretty well known for our Keynote Themes - widely considered among the most functional, innovative and captivating off-the-shelf presentation decks available anywhere.  

And now, we’re bringing it to PowerPoint.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that we don’t spend a lot of time looking backward.  You won’t find anything resembling the 3-Master-Slide templates of classic PowerPoint here. We don’t do “backgrounds.” Not our thing. No thanks.

We’re a Theme shop.

We build highly engineered, design-driven themes - each one a unique exploration of what makes its particular design language come to life onscreen and helps you connect with your audience.  The extended slide libraries in each of our themes are not based on a stock collection of 25 or 50 layouts that we repurpose over and over again, but rather on an investigation of the variation inherent in a particular design – how the combination of style, metaphor and narrative come together in context of the larger whole and provide a presenter with the flexibility they need when they adopt a particular style. 

Nothing in our catalog began its life as a stock photo, nor do any of our themes include them.  Pictures don’t make a theme: they accent it.  Our themes are frameworks for communication, focusing instead on providing you with the right foundation for your message to be built upon, wherever it needs to go and no matter what topic you might need to cover.

Yes, we’re a bit different than your typical PowerPoint shop.  And it’s a difference our customers have come to rely on, time and time again.

Beyond Templates: THMX

If you’re used to the classic 3-Master-Slide model that still dominates the off-the-shelf PowerPoint market, you might not be aware that there’s another way.  And yet since the release of Microsoft Office 2007 a newer architecture has been driving your PowerPoint presentations: THMX.  

THMX is an advanced document theme system that Microsoft created to make it easier to apply presentation or document-wide settings - such as fonts, colors and effects – to any compatible document type. You can think of it a bit like you would think of a style-sheet applied to a website, except that you could also apply the particular fonts and color scheme details from that style-sheet to a presentation to investors, or to your latest letter to shareholders, and the style details would remain absolutely consistent between all of those documents.

A THMX file also includes all of the associated layouts for a particular PowerPoint presentation using that theme:  not just the Title/Content Masters of classic PowerPoint, but a complete range of core slide types, with room to add any type of slide your designer might need to create to address your specific content requirements or just to add a bit of variation to your presentation.

In short, it’s the evolution of design templates.  And it’s at the heart of every one of our themes for PowerPoint.

And you know what about THMX, exactly?

As it turns out, quite a bit.  In fact, if you’re using Office:Mac 2008 or the Office 2010 Beta, you might already be using one of the designs that helped us literally dive into THMX from the inside out.

For the last few years, we’ve had the good fortune to work closely with Microsoft on developing a wide range of the themes and templates included in the Office applications themselves - providing us with a rare glimpse into the development and engineering mindsets behind the format along the way.  

It’s been an incredible opportunity, not only in terms of being able to lend a voice to the design values of the products themselves, but in coming to understand just how incredibly flexible the format is and what it’s truly capable of.

We know THMX like few other designers know it, and we’re putting it to work in everything we do both inside, and now outside of, Microsoft Office.

And we’re just getting started.

We invite you to dive right in with our inaugural themes and explore the evolution of PowerPoint templates for yourself.  Each one is built to take full advantage of Office’s THMX architecture, giving you unprecedented flexibility and control over layouts, color palettes, fonts and effect settings from the very first slide.

We have much more on the way – stay tuned :)

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1/29/2010 1:25:30 PM #

Exciting day for the Microsoft Office product to have a quality site as OfficeDocsPro dedicated to furthering the value of .thmx's!

John Schilling United States | Reply

2/26/2010 6:52:09 PM #

I'm using the Palo Alto theme at one of the world's most recognized companies. Not only is it brilliant, but you can use it to enforce slide discipline if necessary. I've had a macbook on my desk for ages, and at my own expense, just to use keynote. As soon as more templates are added, I intend to buy each and every one of them

MadronaTree United States | Reply

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